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Welcome to the TAHC&H Mastermind Groups!

We are thrilled to offer an exclusive opportunity for TAHC&H members to join our new Mastermind Groups, in collaboration with Tom Bouwer and the Bouwer Group. These groups are designed to help you implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) at a significantly reduced cost, enabling you to enhance your business operations and achieve positive growth. Explore the buttons below to learn more about what this transformative program involves and how you can take part.

About Mastermind Groups

Welcome to the TAHC&H Mastermind Groups! This exclusive initiative, in collaboration with Tom Bouwer and the Bouwer Group, is designed to help our members implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) affordably and effectively. By joining, you'll transform your business operations and achieve sustainable growth.Adopting EOS can dramatically enhance your company's organizational dynamics, unlocking the full potential of your team to drive extraordinary growth. Benefits include:

  • Improved Collaboration: Streamline how your team works together.

  • Enhanced Problem-Solving: Solve issues more effectively.

  • Optimized Planning and Prioritization: Focus on what truly matters.

  • Rigorous Adherence to Processes: Maintain consistency in operations.

  • Effective Communication: Ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Accurate Success Measurement: Track and achieve your goals.

  • Leadership and Management Excellence: Enhance your leadership capabilities.

Join over 50,000 successful businesses that have thrived by integrating EOS into their operations. To give you a better understanding of the power of EOS and why we have partnered with Tom, we are offering free access to view the EOS training Tom Bower led at our Winter Conference.  

Who Should Join?

Our Mastermind Groups are tailored for key decision-makers in your organization who are committed to driving growth and operational excellence. This program is ideal for:

  • CEOs

  • COOs/CFOs

Each organization can send up to three representatives to participate, ensuring your leadership team is aligned and empowered to implement EOS effectively.

Costs and Savings



per month


This is 1/7th of the typical cost of hiring an EOS implementor individually, which is approximately $7,000 per month.

piechart (1).png

Additionally, we recommend purchasing a subscription at $16 per user per month. This tool facilitates EOS implementation and ensures you receive personalized support from Tom Bouwer.


By joining our Mastermind Groups, you'll gain access to top-tier EOS training and resources at a fraction of the cost, making it an incredible value for your organization.

What's Included?

Like a sherpa guiding you to the summit of Everest, Tom Bouwer has guided countless executives to the summit of success with EOS. When you join the TAHC&H Mastermind Group, you're committing to taking your business to new heights by working with Tom in a series of in-person working sessions designed to improve your business operations. Here is the annual schedule for meetings included in Mastermind Groups:

Foundation-Building Meetings

Meeting 1: Foundation Building/Base Camp Day 1

  • Purpose: Lay the groundwork for your EOS implementation.

  • Topics: Meeting pulse (L10), Accountability Chart, Scorecard, IDSing, Rocks.

Meeting 2: Vision Building 1/Base Camp Day 2

  • Purpose: Develop your strategic vision and foundational tools.

  • Topics: Strategic Plan (V/TO), review foundational tools, start on Core Values, Why & Purpose, Big Goal, 3 Year Vision, 1 Year Plan, People Issues.

Meeting 3: Vision Building 2/Base Camp Day 3

  • Purpose: Finalize your strategic vision and integrate all components.

  • Topics: Review tools and strategic plan (V/TO) from the first two days, pulling it all together, issue solving, people issues.

Quarterly Meetings

Annual Meeting

Ongoing Support 

Meetings 4 & 5

  • Purpose: Review progress, set new goals, and introduce advanced tools.

  • Topics: Set new Rocks, new tools (Flywheel, Strategic Square, Marketing, Accountability), issue solving, cementing the operating system in the company, people issues.

Meeting 6

  • Purpose: Conduct a comprehensive review of your strategic plan and team health.

  • Topics: Review strategic plan (V/TO), issue solving, team health, new tools (Flywheel), people issues.

Meeting 7+

  • Purpose: Continue refining your operations and addressing new challenges.

  • Topics: Ongoing work with new tools, setting new Rocks, issue solving, team health, strategic plan execution, people issues.

Additional Benefits

Unlimited Calls and Email Support 

Get the assistance you need anytime.

Community Groups


Engage with other participants to ask questions and share learnings.

No Lock-In Contract

Flexibility to cancel anytime.

Convenient Locations and Dates

Initial Meeting Dates

  • May 22-24

  • June 26-28

  • July 17-19


Easily accessible locations in Austin or Dallas with refreshments provided

This structured program ensures you have the support, resources, and community to successfully implement EOS and drive your organization towards sustained growth.

Get Started

Ready to take your business to new heights with the TAHC&H Mastermind Groups? Click the button below to get started!


Need more information? Send us your question(s) and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly. 

You can also request a FREE link to the EOS trainings Tom did at our Winter Conference to get a better sense of what this can do for you and your business.

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